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Our mission

At, we are committed to revolutionizing the way software testing is performed. We believe that artificial intelligence can play a key role in improving software quality and accelerating the development of innovative products.

Our vision

Our vision is to help testers increase their productivity by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and freeing up time for critical analysis of software testing. Combining our expertise in artificial intelligence and software testing, we've developed powerful tools that help quality teams automate their test creation processes.

Through advanced machine learning algorithms and data analysis, our solutions are able to identify from requirements or documentation snippets which is the best test plan to ensure the quality of the application, in addition to providing valuable insights into the quality of the software. . By doing so, we enable teams to save precious time, improve efficiency and ensure their products are released with the highest quality.

We know that software quality is essential to the success of any company in today's digital landscape. With the rapid evolution of technology, user demands are constantly changing. That's why we are committed to developing agile and flexible solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of the market.

Join us on this journey to transform software testing. We look forward to helping your business achieve exceptional results by providing AI-powered software testing tools that drive quality and innovation.

Discover the future of software testing with!

Reinaldo A. Paiva, is the leader behind With a solid career of more than 20 years working in the technology area, Reinaldo is a telecommunications engineer graduated from the renowned National Institute of Telecommunications (INATEL).

Throughout his professional career, Reinaldo has developed a deep knowledge and experience in the area of software quality. His passion for improving software testing efficiency and raising product quality led him to found in 2023.

Reinaldo is a firm believer in the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way software testing is performed. He envisioned a future where intelligent automation and data analytics drive test efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

By founding, Reinaldo is committed to providing companies with an innovative and efficient solution to improve their software testing processes. His vision is to empower development teams to achieve exceptional results, saving valuable time, reducing errors and ensuring the delivery of high quality products to market.

In addition to his work at, Reinaldo is a technology enthusiast and an advocate for continuous advancement in the area of software quality.

Reinaldo A Paiva founder of

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