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Bem vido ao nosso FAQ

  • What is is a comprehensive platform of artificial intelligence-based software testing tools. Create test cases, test plans and walkthroughs easily from requirements or documentation snippets of the software to be validated. Perform functional, usability, performance, security, and even API testing all in one place. Simplify test mass generation by letting you choose the amount and type of mass you want. Learn more about at this post !
  • Why choose
    Custom prompts for each test type: One of the biggest advantages of is its ability to provide specialized prompts for each test type. This eliminates the need for the tester to spend precious time creating a prompt each time they need to develop a test case. In contrast, in other AI tools, the task of creating appropriate prompts can be onerous, requiring a significant investment of time and a deep understanding of how the AI responds to different stimuli. Saving time and effort: By automating the process of creating prompts, not only saves the tester's time, but also reduces the mental load associated with this task. This frees up the tester's cognitive ability to focus on more complex and critical aspects of software testing. Increased Testing Efficiency: Additionally,'s custom prompts are designed to maximize the effectiveness of the testing process by reducing the likelihood of gaps or errors that can occur when creating prompts manually in other AI tools.
  • Who is for?
    Made for IT professionals in the areas of Quality and Software Development, was specially designed for Testers who need to create scenarios, test cases, generate masses and other activities that make up a software quality project. QAs and Automators can use the tool to increase their productivity in the most diverse day-to-day tasks of a tester.
  • How can I use tools?
    To access you must register as a member of the site and then choose one of the available plans . The tools are only accessible in the logged-in area, as your queries are recorded in a history, which only you can view, thus maintaining your privacy in accordance with our policy. To start you can go directly to the tools and then choose one of the available tools, the system identifies whether you are logged in and have the necessary permission level, otherwise you will be redirected to the registration page and then to choose your plan.
  • How does process my data?
    Rest assured, your data entered into the tool is treated with complete security. They are only available for your use and management, and you have the option to delete them at any time. It is important to highlight that our API simply processes your inputs to provide the best result, but does not use your data for training, since the model has already been previously trained. Your privacy and security are priorities for us. 😊🔒 Find out more about our privacy policy
  • Can I create any kind of test with the tool?
    Yes. There are several types of test cases you can create with . But you must pay attention to choosing the right tool for each type of test: Test Case Generator: this tool allows you to generate Functional test cases from your software requirements or your project documentation. Usability Testing: this tool allows you to generate Usability (UX) test cases based on the usability requirements of your software or your project documentation . Security Tests: this tool allows you to generate Security test cases from your software security requirements or your project documentation. Performance Tests: this tool allows you to generate Performance test cases from your software performance requirements or your project documentation. API Tests: This tool allows you to generate API test cases from your software integration requirements or your project documentation.
  • How to generate more test cases at once?
    The Test Case Generator tool is limited to 3 test cases per request in its Free version. But you can purchase one of the paid plans to get access to the tool Test Case Generator (PRO) which has no limit and even has a button to continue generating more tests for the same requirement.
  • run test cases?
    No, the tools are designed for the test specification stage, that is, create, plan and document the tests. The execution step comes later where the tester will go to the system to run the tests manually or will use an automation framework to automate and run their tests automatically.
  • automate my tests? is not specifically a test automation tool and therefore does not directly automate test cases. However, as a tool that assists in the specification step, can be very useful in creating test cases in the Gherkin language. These test cases can then be used in conjunction with an automation framework such as Cucumber, as long as your automation environment supports this integration
  • Does the tool only create scenarios or does it also create test cases? covers the entire universe of tests, from the creation of scenarios, TCs (Test cases) , walkthroughs, and even entire test plans. You must first define your need, if you want a complete test case use the tool Test Case Generator , if you only need the steps of a test case select the tool Step-by-Step Generator, but if you want more complete coverage use the Test Plans to obtain scenarios, TCs, and walkthroughs in your answer.
  • Can I download or delete my test cases?
    Yes! You can access the History Manager and there you can download all your assets in xlsx or csv formats. Also in the history manager you can delete any item you don't want to keep in your repository. To get access to the History Manager you can click on the "History" button in the upper right corner of the page of any tool, then click on Manage
  • Frameworks de Automação, quais são os disponíveis hoje?
    A é uma plataforma em constante evolução, comprometida em oferecer as melhores opções para automação de testes de software. Atualmente, os seguintes frameworks estão disponíveis no Selenium WebDriver Cypress Robot Framework Playwright Protractor Puppeteer TestCafe Jest Mocha JUnit PyTest Specflow Estamos sempre atentos às inovações na comunidade de testes de software, e novos frameworks relevantes serão incorporados à plataforma para garantir que você tenha acesso às ferramentas mais atualizadas e eficientes. Fique atento às nossas atualizações para descobrir as últimas adições e melhorias em nossa gama de frameworks de automação
  • Os dados gerados pelo Gerador de Massas de Dados são reais?
    Não, os dados gerados pela nossa ferramenta de geração de massa de dados para testes não são necessariamente reais no sentido de representarem informações de pessoas, lugares ou entidades existentes. Eles são válidos apenas no sentido de estarem no formato esperado e serem reconhecidos como aceitáveis para os propósitos de teste. Por exemplo, um endereço de e-mail gerado, como, é válido apenas no sentido de seguir o formato padrão de um endereço de e-mail reconhecido pelos sistemas de validação, mas não representa um endereço real de alguém.
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